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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 20, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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friends". >> if you would imbeach obama, you wouldn't have to ride the bus. >> that's it for us five. thanks for watching and have a great weekend on monday. "special report" is next. here we go again. a government shutdown looming. this is "special report." good evening. i am in for bret baier. it's that old familiar feeling. once again, days away from a government shutdown, and the same lines drawn in the sand and the same dramatic consequences if no deal is reached. karl cameron looks at the latest battle in the on going war. >> on a party line vote, the house of representatives passed a short-term spending bill to avert a government shutdown with an amendment defunding the
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affordable care act. >> let's defund this law now and protect the american people from the economic calamity that we know obama care will create. >> the democratic opposition to defunding obama care made support for the government shutdown. >> it's a blatant act of hostage taking. >> what is brought to the floor today is without a doubt a measure designed to shut down government. >> house speaker, john boehner, initially opposed the provision as too risky, but today led the pressure to step up for it, too. >> now it's time for the united states senate to listen to the american people as well. >> it's time to free americans from the shackles of obama care and tell the senate to do the same. >> the poll shows the gop has public sentiment on its side,
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americans oppose the affordable care acts changes to the care system, and by 55-34, he disapprove of how the government is implementing them. they have cranked up phone banks across the country, and the tv ads have been running for months. harry reid called the bill dead yesterday before it passed. today he wrote republicans are postponing for a few days the inevitable choice they must face, pass a clean bill to fund the government or force a shutdown. the pressure now is on freshman republican senators rand paul, ted cruz, rubio, and others that are opposed to obama care. rest assure that i will use any and all procedural means we have in front of us. now it's up to the senate to step forward and do the same thing the house has done. >> the battle in the senate starts monday morning and democrats insist they have the
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60 votes needed to strip out the rescission needed and shut down the republican filibuster. if they don't come up with a deal between the house and senate, the government is going to shut down, shannon. >> seems to be the way we do things these days. thank you. it's been a rough week for president obama even as traditional allies are turning on him. ed henry on the attempts to regain the momentum. >> as the budget battle starts to raise, president obama was ripping them in kansas city claimi claiming gop leaders are obsessed with him. >> they are focused on trying to mess with me and they are not focused on you. >> after defense on playing defense from the situation in syria to a move from the federal
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resufrbg that suggests the economy needs a stimulus, the president is trying to get on the offense warning if congress does not raise the debt ceiling -- >> the united states will default on its obligations. that's never happened in american history. basically, america becomes a deadbeat. >> never mind as a senator he voted against raising the debt ceiling as a mere protest vote. now as president he is heading into the debt ceiling and government shutdown fights with a weakened hand within his own party, and many defied him on syr syria. while some of his supporters in organized labor have been grumble for changes to the health care law, he shook that off today firing up a union crowd at a ford motor plant by touting the benefits of the health care and went out of his way to show the gop has deep divisions, too.
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>> they are holding the whole country hostage. one republican senator called shutting down the government over the affordable care act the dumbest idea i have ever heard and i agree with him. >> a reference to the republican, richard bird. >> a quote was i did not go to harvard or princeton, but i can count. >> now, while white house officials down played the affect of this, and what the republican leaders are now signaling they are likely to get together at some point next week as we clock down closer to the deadline. >> thank you, ed. another hiccup in the implementation of obama care. a computer glitch that would leave the americans in the dark about how much they are paying. chief national correspondent, tim angle, has the story.
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>> still having problems days before the exchange is open for business. >> the software is failing the test, so we still with less than two weeks to go before the exchange is launched, we still don't know whether the exchanges are correctly able to calculate the amount of subsidy somebody is eligible for. >> they said we expected some issues but did not expect it to go to 11:59 the day before and potentially after that. this is the system that will serve most americans because the federal government will run all or part of the exchanges in 36 states. >> they were supposed to have this ready months and months ago and you don't want to have a system like this tested and tried out days before it is supposing to live. >> insurance under obama care could be more expensive rather than current coverage unless one gets subsidies. >> if you don't know the accurate number of the amount of subsidy you are eligible for,
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you won't know whether it's a better deal for you to sign up for insurance on the exchange or a worst deal for you. >> and that's the critical factor. >> what the federal government has to do is stanubstance kwrae that. >> there have been months of rigorous testing with insurers saying quote this is the point of the testing to identify issues before open enrollment and flush out defects in the system. and president obama didn't want to rock any boats before the last presidential election. >> they deferred a lot of that decision making in the hopes that after the election they could draw more states into the process. turns out they couldn't, and they are way behind schedule trying to get that right. >> now, one critic argues the administration has not pushed
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efforts to inform the public enough. but they left plenty of leeway. the signup period lasts a full six months until next march. >> less than two weeks until the exchanges launch. >> yep. >> thank you, jim. well, hailed as a symbol of what is right in health care has symbol of what is wrong with obama care. our correspondent reports from the cleveland clinic. >> a prestigious hospital known for treating world celebrities, the cleveland clinic is in ohio, however they announced layoffs are imminent. >> it's tough to do this. the hardest thing you can imagine is telling people, sorry we don't have a job for you here any more. >> this is the clinic the president while selling the reforms in 2009 held up as an example of how it should work.
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>> part of the reason it works so well they set up a system where patient care is the number one concerns and not bureaucracy, what forms have to be filled out, and those are changes i think the american people want to see. >> however with the reforms looming the cleveland clinic determined that reimbursements for medicaid and medicare will be reduced and private insurance will pay less and the cost of treating a patient remains unchanged because of the affordable care act. >> this is something going on across the country, and every ceo of the hospital i have talked to is talking about doing the same thing. >> from coast-to-coast, 21 hospitals large and small in 12 states are announcing layoffs, and the impending changes with health care are significant. and that's with what the house
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spokesperson disagreed with. >> there is no information that they are losing jobs because of the implementation of the affordable care act. >> the law going into effect now will need to be amended before it can tackle the problems with providing health care. >> mike, thank you. the dow lost 185, and the s&p dropped 12, and nasdaq fell 15. on the week, though, the dow is up a half percent. the s&p is up 1.3%. up next, a look at the controversial new epa rules. here is what some of the fox affiliates are covering tonight. denver follows to cover the devastating denver all across the state. coloradoans returning to homes are finding stomach turning destruction. and apple fans waited in lines overnight to get their
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hands on the newest iphone. apple is expected to sell 8 million phones today alone. and this is a live look in cleveland, one story tonight, a couple good samaritans helped chase down the smart phone snatcher, and see there is good news on this friday, and that's tonight's live look along the beltway from tonight's special reports. we'll be right back. wisest kid in the whole world? how can i be a more fun mom? hmmm. can you dance?
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the new clean energy rules are depending on your point of view either the best step towards protecting the children's future or a horrible job killing idea. >> the new epa rule future coal powered plants have to meet limits. a level that epa administrator says is within reach. >> new power plants and natural
3:15 pm
gas and coal-fired can minimize their carbon emissions by taking advantage of available modern technology. >> that technology is called carbon capture and storage. it's never been used on a commercial scale. >> carbon capture sequestration and other technologies are expensive, and that mean no new plants will be built. >> it was the first major step towards fulfilling the climate plan, but they were railing against it fearing the energy costs. >> raising the cost of energy raised the cost of doing business in the united states, and that hurts us. >> i think the price of energy is not going to jump as the republicans and some of the coal people argue. >> the regulation also applies to natural gas, despite a
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projected 100 year supply of it, the obama administration's new nominee for the regulatory commission recently said it too will be a quote, dead end fuel, by the year 2025. >> this is what the electric power research institute is saying. >> others point out if all coal-fired power plants would be shut down it would be a global affect on the emissions. >> this would reduce the co2 levels of the globe by merely two-tenths of 1%. >> today's rule perceives the percent of the u.n.'s report. they are wrestling of how to explain the lull in the temperature increases in the last 15 years. >> thanks, doug. syria sent the organization for the probation of chemical weapons an initial declaration outlining its weapons program. the organization which polices
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the treaty outlawing chemical weapons says the declaration is, quote, being reviewed by the verification division" all the chemical weapons are supposed to be removed or destroyed by mid 2014. and then the new president said his country is to help facilitate dialogue between the syrian government and opposition. the white house has left the door open to a meeting between the two leaders. no u.s. president has met with an iranian leader in nearly 35 years, since jimmy carter in 1977. still ahead, a case of the va fiddling while rome burns. you heard the tea party and now the green party, now green tea? we'll explain it. for a perfectlt that's made from scratch. or enough time to mix vegetables
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seldom is a government organization self perception so different from the public perception than the va is right now. national security core, jennifer griffin, looks at an organization thinks it's doing a great job and how it's falling short. >> it is celebrating what it claims is a reduction in record-high backlog disability claims. down 25% since may, a two-year low, but the va was celebrating long before the problems were fixed, handing out dollars where the regional director of the va, michael mooreland, received a bonus. the chairman of the house veterans committee called hearings to investigate. >> i don't think the va
3:22 pm
understands that this is not the way to reward individuals for poor performance. you reassign them or fire them. >> the 83-year-old father of john died of the disease at the pittsburgh facility. she says the va lied about the cause and says the problem still has not been fixed. >> you got away with it with my dad. how did you not fix it. well, understanding now it was all about bonuses, and a presidential award, and there it is, it boils all down to money. >> at the st. louis va medical center more than 1800 veterans may have been exposed to hiv due to unsanitized medical equipment. back in pittsburgh, at an emotionally charged congressional hearing, the under secretary of health responsible
3:23 pm
for awarding michael mooreland's bonus asked if he had regrets. >> if you knew then what you know now, would you recommend him for this award? >> i would. >> in a statement from the va in response to our questions, they wrote the patient care issues that are raised are serious but not systemic. >> thank you. president obama and first lady will visit with families of victims of the washington navy yard shooting and attend a memorial on sunday. we learned the same security firm u.s. investigative services performed background checks for aaron alexis, and nsa leaker, edward snowden. mccaskill is asking for an overhaul of the veteran vetting process. and then conservatives and liberals working together in a big way in georgia.
3:24 pm
senior national correspondent, john roberts, in a case of politics making strange bed fellows. >> reporter: they georgia capital prayers for an unlikely partnership, the tea party patriots joined environmentalist from the see sierra club to promote power. >> who would have thought they would have come together in georgia. >> the green tea coalition have come together to fight the unfair power. solar, they say, is the way to do it. >> conservatives have been conditioned for years to look at solar and green energy and say that is evil and bad, and we have to educate people and let them see we have a conservative way to deploy solar. >> the coalition is pushing the bill to change georgia law to allow third parties to install
3:25 pm
solar panels on businesses and homes and sell electricity to the consumer, and insraoeur-- >> i see no reason why conservation couldn't be a good principle, and fair markets could empower consumers and american workers couldn't be an advocate of the energy. >> they leave their political differences at the door, along with the sharp rhetoric that often divides right from left. >> you can't look at one issue and call somebody a hraopby left no more than you can look at the tea party and say they are radical and extremist. let's talk about policy and issue that we agree on. >> the coalition won a recent victory helping force the largest utility to add enough solar to light 70,000 homes, and the increase was mandated, but
3:26 pm
georgia power insists it's doing a good job and embracing solar. >> we have one of the largest solar portfolios. >> with spectacular failures like solyndra. >> you will never bring women into the party that care about clean air and water for their children and you can forget about young people because 75% of them support environmental issues. >> the green tea hoping to drive a number of pieces in the legislation to encourage the power companies to allow comers in the market or drag them kicking and screaming in the grave new solar world. >> thank you, john. remember the judge who tried to change a baby's name because she said he didn't deserve it?
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3:31 pm
constitution. not so fast. the modesto junior college official told the student that he should have asked permission for several days ahead, and agreed to hand out those in an area of the campus. well, it mistakenly summarized. keep and bear arms in a state militia, which is different than the actual text, quote a regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infridged. one of the co-authors admits the text is incorrect and will be advised for the new edition could be released next year. a reminder to candidates and staffers, watch your campaign videos closely. several sharp eyed university of
3:32 pm
pittsburgh graduates said the campus footage two minutes appears to be of their school seen here on the right. it's not the first time that kind of mistake has been made. back in may, grapevine covered weiner's campaign, and there was a blue header. and then an august decision from a judge forbid a family naming the baby massiah. religion correspondent looks at how big a change is. tpheufplt a broad-ranging interview for publications around the world, pope francis
3:33 pm
said the church must find a new balance or risk falling like a house of cards. he said we cannot assist only on issues related to gay marriage and abortion and contraceptive marriages. he said i have not spoken about things and was reprimanded for that, and when we speak about these things we have to speak about them in context. >> he is saying no, this is not a small restricted church for an elite group, but the net is thrown wide, come closer and see. >> almighty ever living god -- >> the top catholic in the u.s., the archbishop of new york said in a statement as a priest and bishop i welcome his reminder that the clergy are to be serving as shep kwrurdz,aherds.
3:34 pm
and then the g.l.a.a.d. statement was this. a watchdog group says the statements do not alter church teachers. >> he is a change in tone and change in style, and at the end of the day in terms of dock trau null substance, there will not be any changes at all. >> from the moment he was seen last spring, he had a more personal style. he opened up to journalist about the need not to judge gays and lesbians. >> khchurch officials say they want the message of salvation and not the moral teachings to be the prime directive. we invite you tonight to be part of the discussion as we bring in the all-star panel. you don't have to leave your easy chair or couch, wherever
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you may be. take a second to go to the home page and watch the very symbol instructions, and give it a try. you can provide and monitor real time feedback on what the panelist have to say. they have a lot to say, and we hope you will join us on that tonight. straight out of groundhog day. the prospect of a government shutdown days away. we will talk about it with the fox all-stars in just a minute. stay tuned. it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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♪ that's why we designed the subaru forester from the back seat forward. the intelligently designed, responsibly built, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. businesses all over the country who are not hiring because of the impact of this law. you have got other businesses that are reducing the hours for their employees because of this law. and so our message to the united states senate is real simple. the american people don't want the government shutdown and they don't want obama care. >> right now the debate that is going on in congress is not
3:39 pm
meeting the test of middle class families. they are not focused on you. they are focused on politics and they are focused on trying to mess with me, and they are not focused on you. >> all right. let's talk about it with our panel tonight. at large editor of national review online, and charles layne, opinion righter for the washington post, and syndicated columnist, welcome to you all. we had a vote today on the house side, funds the government through the 15th, and now it heads to the senate. is this a kamikaze mission? >> i don't know. there is a lot of tubuke feeder, another japanese word. it's like a long con where you
3:40 pm
try to convince people to part with their money, and the con artist is supposed to leave before they realize it's a con, and the whole defund obama thing has been exposed with the sort of the con artist still left out there. i like ted cruz and mike lee, but these guys have been selling a plan that won't work and detpoupd denouncing anybody that says it won't work as prematurely surrendering instead of looking at where the facts will take them. >> this is a little interview from this afternoon. >> i will use any and all procedural means that are available. we don't know for sure how harry reid is going to tee this up, but we will uses all procedural means we have in front of us. >> they are talking about fill busters, and there are republicans on the senate side saying it's not realistic.
3:41 pm
any way they come onboard with this? >> i don't think so. in the sense that i don't see how a filibuster wins. maybe you guys know more about senate procedure than i do, but last i checked it takes 60 votes to break a filibuster and i think there will be 60 votes between the democrats and a few republicans that think it's a bad idea. so you know, i really don't understand ted cruz -- i never understood his end game here, and one of the ironies of the whole situation this is happening just at a time when the republicans are actually picking up support on the issues among the american people, and the wall street journal polled that they pulled slightly ahead of the democrats on national security and the economy, and in the middle of that the defunding the obama care, which would not any of the what john boehner is complaining about there has put it all at risk.
3:42 pm
>> you know there has been a big grassroots push, and the entire phone system has taken over with people calling, and boehner said today saying this is what the people demanded so we will do our part and do what we can. they are singling out democrats on the senate side, do they make any pay out of that? >> i think the boehner speech is what you would expect. he didn't want to do it and he had to do it and so he had to defend it, and that's kau pwaoubgy. i think it's going to go to the senate and if we end up with a shutdown, it's going to be kamikaze, and the republicans will end up sushi. very thin slices. and everybody knows this, and it's a charade. cruz is going to get a lot of airtime, a huge amount of airtime and there is nowhere to go on this, and the irony as i have been saying for weeks,
3:43 pm
obama care is so unpopular, even the unions are up and arms against it, and they are calling for its repeal. you have democrats against it, and it's about to kick in and we heard today that they don't even have the software that will enable the system to calculate what the subsidies are after hearing that they don't have the software to ascertain what you say is your subsidy, and it's on an honor system. we're on the flesh hold of that. and the republicans were on the upswing of the issues and now this, and it's insane and not going to happen. >> do the republicans get credit from those at home who fired up the grassroots support and this effort, do they get credit for taking the vote and maybe obama carrot self with all of the applications and the problems we
3:44 pm
see new ones each day arising, it putters out on its own? >> that's the idea, that's the plot so to speak, that john boehner has been trying to figure out a way that the people who are under pressure from home to take another vote to defund or stop or something else obama care can go ahead and do that, and then there still winds up being no shutdown. i think that's the way the story ends. i think there won't be a shutdown over at least the continuing resolution, because privately the white house has pretty much agreed to the spending level. it's all a question of stripping out the obama care stuff. the more critical question is the debt ceiling coming along, and i don't see anybody that sketched out a solution for >> the president said there will be no negotiation over the debt
3:45 pm
ceiling. >> he says a lot of thing. he drew a red line at the debt ceiling. we know what happens with the red lines. >> when president obama gets his way, things go bad for him. when it turns out every now and then if you give him room and he gets what he wants, he gets an unbelievably bad health care law that is falling apart at the seams. obama care was going to fail just not this fast, if you give it oxygen and show the people, it's not the republicans killing it, it's obama, and he is the one stopping it from being implemented, it's stopping on its own. >> and then the cleveland clinic is doing the massive cutbacks because of that law. >> we have a health care system and everybody in it knows we are short doctors and nurses and skills researchers, so what we
3:46 pm
are getting from obama care is a cutting of staff at one of the best institutions, and where are we increasing hiring? the irs. increase the number of tax collectors and decrease the number of doctors. brilliant. >> we will let that speak for itself. up next, the friday lightning round. vo: two years of grad school. 20 years with the company. thousands of presentations. and one rd earned partnership. it took a lot of work to get this far. so now i'm supposed to take a back seat when it comes to my investments? there's zero chance of that happening. avo: when you work with a schwab financial consultant, you'll get the guidance you need with the control you want. talk to us today.
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each week we ask you to vote in the friday lightning round poll for the favorite topic of the week you want the panel to talk about. this week you chose the benghazi hearings by an overwhelming margin. so we are back to talk about
3:50 pm
that. charles, there were questions about if there was a whole lot of information there, and there was a remarkable degree of control that the secretary of state at the time, hillary clinton had over the process in choosing the members in reviewing the draft before it was done. that isn't how you do an independent probe. and i think that calls into question a lot of stuff including why was she never interrogated for the report? >> there have been many questions about, you know, choosing members who were on the review board and who was briefed before the report was made public. all of that came up. >> she got to see a draft of it she picked four out of the five members of the independent review board. and almost everybody who was interviewed wasn't interviewed under oath. this was not pickerring in moments tried to make this sound as if this was an fbi investigation. an fbi investigation is done very very very
3:51 pm
differently. ultimately, i think the problem here is that we know what happened. the white house was caught flat-footed on 9/11. they were unprepared from in a lot of different ways and responded very politically in the middle of a presidential campaign. by dragging this out for so long, the irony is that they have changed the focus from what was obama scandal into a hillary 2016 scandal. it's going to have a half life until then. >> shannon: regardless of what led to this point it was heart-breaking to see the families this week sitting there still waiting for answers about what happened to their loved ones. on to the next topic. brand new regulations that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the coal plant industry, chuck in the u.s. >> yes, this was not a surprise. but the president or his e.p.a. administrator announced strict new limits on how much carbon can be produced by a power plant and pretty much rule out any new coal fired plants. of course, this is going to be fought in the courts by the industries. and that could take a long time it could go all the
3:52 pm
way up to the d.c. circuit or even the supreme court. but, i think it's part of a kind of a, you know, crushing down, if you would like, of the coal industry that the administration has been committed to for some time. and i don't think, however, it's the end of the road for coal. because interestingly, american coal is now being exported very in tremendous amounts, including to of all places europe. in part because some of the energy measures they have taken over there to fight climate change. such as taking or other environmental issues taking nuclear power offline and creating a lot of demand for coal because they can't produce enough solar and wind and so forth. all part of a long-term trend into moving the u.s.s. cole industry into a smaller place but that might be more dependent on exports. so it might survive that way. >> there were a number of democrats that spoke out today. for them folks like joe manchin in other polices it's critical. >> this is also part of the big shift to red state
3:53 pm
status permanently for kentucky and virginia. it used to have very strong democratic parties. >> one is my understanding is even though challenged in the courts and it's a temporary thing it, goes into effect immediately. >> and without congressional input. >> and without congressional input. second, i want to congratulate president obama, he promised under his energy plan electricity rates would skyrocket. this another one of his promises is he trying to fulfill. >> shannon: we will put that in the achieve column. >> natural gas is coming online and cheaper. >> it's also covered by the same regulation. >> all natural gas plants already meet the standard in this regulation. >> shannon: it raises that in the question again. the criticism again that this administration is willing to use executive power to do what it cannot do on capitol hill. all right. end of the week. i want to make sure we get to your winners and losers. joanna, would you like to start us off. >> winner not a cheery one is bashar assad who has now successfully gone into the books as having the most successful chemical weapons attack in american history. changed foreign policy and
3:54 pm
cemented his power for the foreseeable future and my losers are the democrats on the house oversight committee who didn't have the grace or the self-confidence of the basic decency to sit there and at least listen to the families of the victims of the benghazi attacks. >> shannon: i did see some backlash for that do you think think are going to hear more about that? do you think that the average american realizes they did that? >> i don't know. the average american doesn't get covered very much but i think it grinds into the families and makes them all the more convinced that the democrats just want this to go away. they don't care about them. >> shannon: where do you think we go next on benghazi? far from over. >> more hearings. i don't know. i mean, i don't know. >> >> shannon: someone will eventually be arrested, we hope. chuck, your winners and losers this week. >> my winner i went for domestic politics. i picked bill deblazio the democrat party's newly crowned nominee for mayor crowned nominee for mayor polls coming out the last couple days show he is way ahead of the republican. seemingly destined for
3:55 pm
victory and rock star on the left for the progressive policies articulating there my loser is john boehner and not because of anything he did wrong. i don't think he did anything especially wrong this week. i'm just reaching out in pim patty to john boehner because i think his life is miserable. he has a very very tough job. >> shannon: quickly get to charles. >> loser israel. seen what happened with syria. and the mad embrace of the new iranian moderates and it knows it is alone in the world. the clowns who had a traffic accident outside of a fair. they were both unhurt except dimples the clown, the driver suffered a minor bump on the head. as reported by a. pp. police have dimples the clown driver was wearing clown shoes but the oversized foot wear apparently didn't play a role in the crash. >> shannon: that is all factual information. >> that is remarkable. i want to salute dimples driving with a size 38 shoe. [ laughter ]
3:56 pm
>> successfully. >> shannon: that didn't contribute. thank you, gentlemen. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a very special message. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. infrom chase. so you can.
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nice. [ blows ] [ gong ] m'm! m'm! good! >> shannon: welcome back. is r bing highlights from our panel segment. there was overwhelming agreement with john boehner's statement that the american people do not want a government shutdown or obama care. extremely high agreement from republicans and democrats that obama care was always going to fail. the highest intensity moment was when charles was saying implementation was going to be a nightmare. and democrats agree with chuck lane that benghazi is going to be a hillary scandal in 2016. at the highest intensity moment of segment one there were 16,000 votes per minute. approximately 136,000 votes cast total. finally tonight, an update on the health of bret's son paul baier underwent third open heart surgery yesterday. is he recovering very well. there are, of course, still some hurdles to get over. paul should be heading home soon to return to the life
4:00 pm
of a normal energetic kinder garner. bret and his family want to thank search for thoughts, prayers and kind words. thanks for watching "special report." i'm shannon bream from washington where we remain proud and fearless. >> harris: this is a fox report. tonight, grab your blackberry. it's in meltdown mode. the company has suffered a huge loss today. and we have just moved a step closer to a possible government shutdown. >> we victory today for the american people. >> it is a blatant act of hostage taking. >> harris: with 10 days to go. until the government comes to a grinding halt. also --


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